Portfolio Companies

Lightening Energy ("LE")

LE is a provider of rapid recharging, advanced battery and automation technology for the energy field.

American Messaging Services, LLC. ("AMS")

AMS is the second largest provider of critical messaging services in the United States. AMS was formed through the purchases of the paging businesses of SBC Communications, Inc., Verizon Wireless Services, Inc., Skytel and numerous regional paging providers. AMS provides traditional paging services, mobile and desktop software solutions which augment these services and will also build out and operate proprietary campus and facility networks for customers.

Paging Network of Canada, Inc. ("PageNet")

PageNet is Canada's largest critical messaging company. PageNet provides comprehensive messaging services for one-way and two-way paging, asset tracking and telemetry customer applications throughout Canada.

Past Investments
Past Investments

Synchronoss, Inc.

Synchronoss is a leading Software as a Services company which provides a range of activation and mobile cloud solutions for communications services providers, including AT&T and Verizon. Thomas Hopkins invested in Synchronoss when it was formed and 2000 and went on the Board before the company went public in 2006.

Continuum Rehabilitation, LLC

Continuum Rehabilitation, LLC, is a regional contract therapy management services provider to the skilled nursing and home health care agency markets. Continuum was sold in 2021.

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